March 31, 2018

Why America?

Our research takes us everywhere. Past, present, and as much as we can, future. But our actual plans and eventual prescriptions are focused on the United States. Why?

Our goal is a vast improvement of our society by vastly improved social technology, especially statecraft.

By “our society” we generally mean human society, and the parts of that which we and our descendents will have to actually rely on.

So more specifically we mean “the West”.

Anything narrower than the West as such cannot be meaningfully separated from the West overall. The West is “self sufficient” in the Aristotelian sense. But even France, possibly the most independent component of the West, faces mostly the same internal social struggles that we face in North America. We think also that they face them precisely because we also face them. If those problems are to be solved, they have to be solved at the top level.

People who think about the problems in our society often have the idea to escape somewhere or break off some small piece and try to be self sufficient. The consistent ones realize this is a plan to ride out the collapse of the current empire and get picked up by the next. We find that game overly pessimistic. So we focus on how to improve things overall.

Russia and China are doing their own thing, have their own problems, and aren’t really in our sphere of influence. Solving our own problems won’t solve theirs and vice versa, we don’t actually have the power to do anything about their problems, and if we did it’s unclear if it would be a good idea given the geostrategic situation.

The still vastly different, but sociopolitically closer worlds of India, the Islamic World, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America are with some exceptions largely developing in models set by the core of the West. The West is the upstream driver. To the extent that the West is not upstream, the same considerations apply as with Russia and China.

Thus it makes sense to focus on the core Western components of Europe, Japan, and the Anglosphere.

But the same argument leads us to the geopolitically and culturally dominant imperial center of the West, which is upstream of the rest in the same way: United States Government and its extended penumbra of NGOs, universities, elite networks, big corporations, cultural producers, international institutions, diplomatic ties, and core populations and cultures.

So our project is aimed at improvement of the rough empire held by USG, by means of improving USG and its attendant institutions. Because we are westerners and USG holds imperium in the West.

If we’re to do something big and positive with the nature of society, and not just ride things out in a corner somewhere, it has to be done in America.

Edited and curated by Wolf Tivy

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