April 11, 2018

What's The Plan?

All costly actions are taken with a mind to some purpose. The New Statecraft Project is itself an expensive but purposeful action. Purpose descends from ultimate goals through plans. If we work out our plan explicitly, we can better improve it, and better accomplish it.

Publishing our plan helps our readers to understand our work, signals honest intent, makes it easier to train and orient our collaborators, and makes it easier for others to coordinate with us.

If we’re being thorough, it also makes it easier for competitors or enemies to outmaneuver us, and if our plan were objectionable, easier to attack us. We’re taking those risks.

Goal: Vast Improvement of Western Society

We want to vastly and permanently improve the lot of our society by means of much better social technology, especially in statecraft. We’ve given our rough justification for new statecraft previously, so three questions remain: What’s “our society”, what’s a vast and permanent improvement, and by what means will this be made to happen?

Our society is the West. Especially and specifically focused on America and USG. It follows straightforwardly from theory that you need to go to the center of an empire to affect that empire. USG is the imperial center of our society.

It’s hard to directly bound what level of vast improvement might come from a real engineering-grade science of social technology and statecraft, but we can conservatively target a vast reduction of the expensive and destructive business of politics, reversal of the modern degeneration of social fabric, and much better ability to deal with strategic challenges like global warming and artificial intelligence. The lower bound given a properly applied real science is still quite a lot.

That’s pretty straightforward. By what means will it be accomplished?

Three Steps for Success

As discussed in our article on the seed package, the project of producing a new science of statecraft is inherently caught up with the problem of creating a supportive political order. Indeed, a new political order is almost inescapably the objective of a science of social technology, just as a new technological order is inescapably the goal of the physical engineering sciences.

We need a plan for how to arrange for this new political order, as well as for the creation of the science itself.

We can break the plan down into three rough phases:

  1. Build. We build whatever institutions and plans are necessary to accomplish the later stages. In particular the scientific new statecraft itself.

  2. Install. The new statecraft and science are used to create a new political and social order which utilizes and supports the science.

  3. Run. The new political order carries out a long-term restructuring and restoration of the top institutons of our society in parallel with the science having its non-state general improvement effects.

A large part of this entire project is coming up with the plan and needed technological details for the third phase, that is, what the new system should do and how it should work. It is difficult to give more detail at this time. We do have more detailed working hypotheses, but they are outside the scope of this article.

Likewise the second phase depends at least partially on what the third phase will be. Further, there are a great many strategies for installation of a new political order. Some despicable, others subtly ineffective, some revealed or enabled by specific information we don’t yet have.

Our reference plan for the second phase is a general movement among the powerful elite to recognize the new statecraft and its products as legitimate and necessary, finally made legally real by elections and other machinations of legitimate process. There is great flexibility here, so we don’t worry too much about plotting it all out now at the outset of the project.

The first phase is therefore our focus here. What do we have to build and figure out, to know that we are prepared for the second and third steps?

What Needs Building?

To accomplish the first phase, the building phase, there are a number of subcomponents we need to build or prepare. In order of necessity:

  1. New Statecraft Science: The science and engineering of social technology itself, especially in the area of statecraft, to sufficient development to build all the other bits. This goal entails a few things:

    1. Ability to train competent engineers of social technology, who are fluent at researching, understanding the working principles of, designing, and building social technology.

    2. A system of scientific laws, techniques, explanations, evidences, proof arguments, deductions, and accepted inferences which constitute the science itself, which backs up the engineering discipline.

    3. An institution that maintains the science and engineering disciplines, and can train the engineers.

  2. New Order Plan: A plan for phase 3. That is, a plan for the new order. What institutions it will have, how they will work? What people it will need, what skills they will have? What big reconstructions and geopolitical reposititionings need to be undertaken? How the next generation will be trained and arranged to succeed? Who and which institutions needs to be retired and reallocated?

  3. Statesmen: Sufficiently many highly skilled people trained in the art and the plans, as needed for the new order plan.

  4. Institutions: The structures of organization and new institutions needed for the new order plan.

  5. Legitimacy and Alliances: Significant public legitimacy and elite legitimacy, and a significant network of working relationships with the powerful stakeholders whose cooperation will be needed.

  6. Reboot Plan. A plan for phase 2. That is, a plan to reboot the government and install the new order. What resources need to be gathered? What legal moves need to be made? Whose cooperation is needed to make them? What backup plans? How to manage the preference cascade? How to respond to various crisis scenarios?

Given these things, the first phase will be complete, and it’s go time for phase two.

Final Thoughts

This rendering of the plan doesn’t attempt to account for dependencies, interleaving, critical path planning, or how long it will take. We are targeting about twenty years to get to execution of the new order plan, but we’ll have to produce a real Gantt chart at some point to back that up.

This overall plan provides context for plans more directly addressing the new statecraft project itself, so that we know what are the important bits, and what are extraneous. This plan is significant because it tells us what the new statecraft science needs to be able to do.

Edited and curated by Wolf Tivy

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