March 14, 2018

Defining The Seed Package

How far do we have to develop our new statecraft? Do we have to develop an entire mature science? We don’t think so.

There will be some subset of the full mature science that is in itself strong enough to grow into the full thing without intervention from us. We call this the “new statecraft seed package”.

There will be another subset that is sufficient to accomplish our statecraft goals. We can call this the “minimum viable statecraft”.

The minimum viable statecraft and the seed package will almost certainly have some overlap. They will almost certainly not be identical. Whether one will be largely contained in the other is a question to investigate:

It seems possible to build a minimum viable statecraft that works, but never quite goes on to achieve scientific maturity. So the seed package is probably not included in the minimum viable statecraft.

Given the seed package, we eventually definitely get to a superior actual statecraft project. Which is to say that the seed package will deterministically become the mature science (by definition), and the mature science contains a better way to do actual statecraft (by design and definition).

The seed package itself may or may not contain the minimum viable statecraft. One reason to think it would is that for reasons we may not have yet addressed elsewhere, mature large-scale science is impossible without a favorable political climate. So the seed package might strictly depend on the minimum vable statecraft and thus be a superset of it.

On the other hand, you could imagine an early and hardy seed package that would shortly mature to the point of political security, but is actually on track to deterministically achieve scientific maturity before being politically secure. Even so, additional effort would seem to be warranted until political security is achieved, such that we can define the seed package as containing the minimum viable statecraft, and the additional requirement of having achieved actual political security using that minimum viable statecraft or other scheme.

“Minimum Viable” my push us to produce substandard product, so we should perhaps instead define the reference point of interest as when the New Statecraft becomes Simple, Lovable, and Complete. But “Minimum Viable Statecraft” rolls off the tongue a bit better and is easier to understand.

All told, the aim of our project here is the New Statecraft Seed Package, which contains within it three components:

  1. Seed Package Scientific Core. The men and ideas and institutions which actually will deterministically develop into a mature science of statecraft.

  2. Favorable Political Order. The actual political regime and/or climate which allows open sponsorship of the development of the New Statecraft as a science, without political constraint on which truths can be spoken.

  3. Minimum Viable Statecraft. The initial subset of the mature science which is in itself superior as a discipline of statecraft to what we currently have, and sufficient to form or cause the Favorable Political Order.

We may want to use these definitions in future discussions.

Edited and curated by Wolf Tivy

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