April 11, 2018

Founders vs Scientists

We want to produce a new or better social science, one which is capable of doing engineering of social technology. In a short phrase, an “engineering grade science of social technology”. We have targeted being able to train social technology engineers as one of our goals. We have been alternately calling these “social technology engineers” and more directly “founders”. We’ll use the latter terminology here.

The founders have to be able to study, come to understand the workings of, design, and build social technology. We need to know if this skill set encompasses the skill set of the scientists of social technology who maintain and drive forward the whole discipline.

We suspect they are different skill sets, though with heavy overlap. In particular, we could imagine founders operating within a paradigm and set of solutions, and even being able to come up with new solutions, without the founders themselves feeding back into the development of the paradigm and techniques and training.

We’ll think in more detail on this later. Just the note for now.

Edited and curated by Wolf Tivy

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